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Just got done with your house renovations but the construction crew left behind a tonne of scrap and now your house is a mess? The construction company just finished building your new office floor but the dust, plastic wrappings and extra materials are getting in the way of starting your new adventure? Search up construction cleaning services near me.

Well, stop worrying! By searching construction cleaning services near me or cleaning houses near me, you’ve found us! We are a company that is known for its professional cleaning jobs. We provide custom house cleaning and even offices. We will make sure that all the mess that is hindering your work or living, is out of your way.

To enlighten you with a few things that are involved in our process of custom home cleaning, we have listed a few tips that help us in providing pro residential services.

  1. We start by removing all the bulky materials that belong in large heavy duty trash bags, this ranges from any loose wood, bags of cement and sand to leftover or empty paint cans. We ensure the safety of our workers by providing them with protective gear to prevent splinter injury.
  2. We also provide all the necessary equipment such a stable step ladder to clean the ceiling fans and the ceilings to eliminate dust.
  3. We ensure that all the dust is cleared from areas where our heavy-duty vacuum cleaner cannot reach, such as the vents and dust grates.
  4. We then start by vacuuming the entire floors and the walls if need be. We start by vacuuming the carpets, rolling them up and hoisting them aside.
  5. To ensure professional cleaning job, our company gives our finest workers different concentration of specific cleaners that are required to clean every kind of surface without damaging it such as wooden floors, marble countertops and glass windows.
  6. We then proceed to clean the appliances that are built into the wall of the kitchen. We make sure we are using food-safe cleaners and machinery.
  7. Cleaning the toilets, built-in cabinets, etc is next.
  8. We then remove the scraps of dried paint by specific paint removing tools all while preserving the underlying integrity of the surface.
  9. All but not least, mopping of the entire house as well as wiping down the glass windows and mirrors with a soft cloth.
  10. Lastly, we power wash the driveway, lawn and porch to get rid of all the sand or dust that was left by the construction crew.

Almost the same steps apply when we provide the industrial dust cleaning services.

If all of these steps seem scary to you and you don’t have the time or resources to take on this task. Don’t you worry, our company provides the best cleaning services at wonderful prices!


  • We aim to maintain the utmost level of professionalism from the start to the very end, this can be seen in the way we deal with the client, the way we execute our plan and the everlasting, great results seen after we are done.
  • We give you amazing prices that won’t make a hole in your wallets.
  • We have a huge team of finest workers who possess immense knowledge and years of experience that will complete the clean-up work in a very short time and with great results.
  • We use high-end equipment designed for homes and industries and good quality cleaning supplies.

We hope that these few reasons out of many are able to convince you to choose us for the clean-up service of your house. Construction cleaning services near me will help you find us and connect with us!


If you want the services we provide for your gorgeous home or office, you can find us online by browsing the net with certain keywords such as construction cleaning services near me. Our website will pop up on the screen and with our user-friendly website you can contact us in no time!

We guarantee amazing results at the best prices.

We hope you can give us a chance to enlighten your experience of cleaning up post construction.