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Looking for professional floor cleaning services for your office? Your residential floors look very unclean and it ruins the vibe of your house, but you can’t seem to find people who provide a good floor maintenance service with delicacy? You have clients come by into your conference room and you can’t help but notice that the stubborn stain right by the refreshments table seems to grab everyone’s attention and ultimately give a bad impression of your firm, after all first impression is the best impression, right?

Now is the time you should stop wrecking your head in search of floor cleaners near me, because this is where we come in.

Our company is a group of dedicated team members who are professionally trained with the finest and high-end equipment with decades of experience.

We are your best option in dealing with untidy and stained floors. Our large client base might give you an idea that we are an excellent floor cleaning services company.

You’ve landed on this page because you have the best interest in our clients and workers’ wellbeing. You, as a part of a company or even household, you care about the health of the people residing or working in the area, as we know dirt is left for long will harbor different types of microorganisms, and a clean environment always boosts the mood of the clients as well as the workers, giving them an uplifted confidence that was lacking.

This article will give you the information you need to make the right choice when it comes to your office or house floors. We have aimed to provide you with everything you need to know about us, that is our services, the process we use and why you should choose us to provide floor care services.


Some of the most important ones are listed below to make it easier for you to locate the ones you are looking for specifically.

  • Hardwood floor cleaning service
  • Commercial floor cleaning service
  • Floor maintenance service
  • Floor care services
  • Dry mopping of the floors
  • Wet mopping of the floors
  • Chemical stripping and refinishing
  • Residential floor cleaning service


We like to describe the entire procedure of our floor cleaning services that we go through to make sure you know how important it is for us to remain transparent to our clients and for them to be confident that their choice was the right one.

  1. After you have made an appointment with us on our website, we will proceed to make a contract and book a date to visit your premises with our team and get to work right away as we do not want to keep you away from your responsibilities for long.
  2. When our team visits your office or home, you need not worry because they are trained to work with tile, vinyl, delicate marble, concrete, masonry, wood, and laminates.
  3. Once our team arrives, they will continue to inspect the floors that need to be cleaned and accordingly make plans regarding which chemicals will be needed and which equipment and tools will be brought out to make sure the space is spotless by the time they are done with it.
  4. Our commercial floor cleaning services include the examination of stains and discoloration of the floor and which type of flooring and then use of heavy-duty equipment to make sure the stains are eliminated and the floor of your commercial area is good as new, with minimal to no damage done to it.
  5. The team then continues to expose the entire floor that needs to be clean, a lot of times cleaning services avoid removing the furniture and clean the floor occupied by the shelves etc., we make sure we get every spot.
  6. The floor is first vacuumed using high-yield vacuum machine, to make sure the dust and loose dirt is lifted.
  7. Varying concentrations of chemicals are prepared depending on the type of floor to ensure no damage is done to the floors.
  8. These chemicals are used with tools and using various methods, such as scrubbing, mopping, leaving the chemicals to rest on the stain in order to dissolve it over time, the floors are cleaned swiftly and with utmost care.
  9. The floors are then washed thoroughly to get rid of the excess chemicals and stir clear the stains and discolorations.
  10. When it comes to Vinyl tiles, there are some special floor cleaning services that take place. Since it requires the removal of old layers of wax from the tiles, the floors are cleaned and then the application of new wax layers commences, our team adds layer after layer of wax with drying time in between. Once the layers have thoroughly dried, buffing at high-speed is done and this leaves the floors stronger and lustrous like never before, almost like its brand new!
  11. Another method in our floor cleaning services used by our team is when it concerns hardwood flooring. Hardwood is vulnerable to scratchers and is usually always scuffed due to various reasons such as dragging heavy furniture elsewhere. Scratches that are prominent on the hardwood really dulls the look of it and is very There are a total of 4 steps that are unique when our floor cleaning service team is dealing with hardwood.
  • The hardwood floors are deep cleaned. Our team uses a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner for commercial use, and hovers it over the wooden floors to make sure every spec of dust and dirt gets sucked into the machine.
  • The floors are then treated with a special cleaner, an oscillating pad machine and a scrubbing pad, all of which are safe for your wooden floors.
  • The process of dry mopping then takes place.
  • The final step includes the application of protective copolymer coating, sealing the floor and preventing moisture from getting onto the wood 

 12.Your floors are then ready to be used once again. The process we use will leave your floors squeaky clean and very shiny.

13.We provide floor care services as well which will make sure the maintenance of your floor is done by professionals adding to the long life of your floors.


Our floor cleaning services have proven to be extremely effective all around the country. The reason why you will make the right choice by choosing us are given as follows:

  • Our team comes equipped with a large range of tools and strong chemicals that are handled by professionals.
  • The years of experience our team possesses will ensure that your floors will not be damaged by the chemicals, only cleaned thoroughly.
  • We save your precious time and resources that you might use to get rid of dirty floors yourself using DIY (Do It Yourself) videos from the internet.
  • We make a plan and we do not go in blindly. This proves how dedicated we are on giving you the best floor cleaning services.
  • We will give you the best prices and deals on our webpage, which will relieve your pockets.
  • The results provided by our team will be long lasting and up to your expectation. We also provide floor care services from time to time.
  • We are extremely easy to find on the internet and make a contract with us within minutes.

We wish you all the best and hope that you can place your trust in us when it comes to the cleaning of your floors by professionals.

  • Floor Maintenance: 

Smart Cleaning Services can make you shine. We do tile, vinyl, marble, concrete, masonry, wood, laminates. Call or e-mail us for a personalized, no-cost quotation.

  • Dry Mop:

Sweep and dry mop all open areas. We will also move and clean behind and under furniture if you desire. Get a complete twice-a-year cleaning program added to your daily contract for a very small price.

  • Wet Mop:

We employ industrial strength chemical stripping solutions to make sure your floor is outstandingly clean. Then we apply a high quality commercial grade of long lasting wax.