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Janitorial Services

Are you planning on hosting a big event but you can’t find the best janitorial services provider for event cleaning during and after? You have successfully opened up a new business after dedicated hard work but the mess becomes too much to clean and with the addition of new staff you can barely keep up, you’re now a business looking for cleaning services near you that can lend a hand? You are the warden of a college dorm and you need janitorial services for college dorm room cleaning, who are swift and efficient as well as cost-friendly within your budget? The company manager has asked you to take care of the office cleaning that needs to be done in the afterhours, you’ve searched a lot and called numerous companies but none of them meet the criteria that your boss requires?

All these questions only have one answer, look no more, because we are here to help you out!
We are a company that provides excellent janitorial services that will knock your socks off!

This page has all the information you need to hire us, but first we would like to tell you a few things about how we work and the services we have to offer.

We like to be transparent with our clients so they do not carry a seed of doubt in their mind after hiring us for providing janitorial services.


Below is a list of services that we aim to cater. We hope you will find what you are looking for and this will make it easier for you to choose us.

  • Cleaning services for businesses
  • Commercial building cleaning services
  • Event cleaning services
  • College dorm room cleaning
  • Office cleaning


Our team of janitors will make sure to do all the following, giving priority to the cleaning that requires most attention.

  • Emptying of wastebaskets or trashcans and replacing the filled bag with a fresh and empty one. The janitors then proceed to collect the full trash bags and dispose them in their designated areas. They will make sure that the trash is never overflowing and the area around it is always kept clean.
  • Our team will also spot-clean floors that require attention. They will be equipped with tools and chemicals that will help them get rid of stubborn stains or mess. No mess will be left unattended once spotted by them.
  • One of the event cleaning services we provide, emptying ash-trays, washing and drying them to make sure they are available for use by the next set of guests.
  • One of the commercial building cleaning services the team offers is vacuuming the carpets and making sure they are spotless and not messy. They will be using heavy-duty vacuum cleaners at hand that will vacuum every spec of dirt. This service will also be provided in case any client spills anything and it needs to be cleaned immediately.
  • Another commercial building cleaning service is the dusting of tables, counter tops and furniture. This is also done for college dorm rooms. The study table are dusted and then cleaned with a table cleaner with mild chemicals that will get rid of stains such as coffee stains or stubborn glass rings or pen marks.
  • While the team’s main function is to keep the interior of the area spotless, we also urge them to clean the immediate exterior of the area such as the stairs or the patio that connects the outside with the inside.
  • The janitors will also dust individual telephones thoroughly using anti-bacterial wipes due to the build-up of bacteria due to the handling by different people.
  • The most important janitorial service provided is cleaning of toilets and restrooms. When clients or guests use the toilets or restrooms, the cleanliness will leave an impression in their minds. Janitors will be stationed in the entrance of restrooms in order to clean after each person uses it, to ensure utter cleanliness. The janitorial services also include the cleaning and sanitizing of sinks, fixtures, toilets and urinals. This is extremely important hygiene wise, and our janitors are equipped with chemicals, gloves and tools that will make it swift and clean within minutes, which means before the next person has to use the toilet, the area will be spotless and safe to use.
  • Time to time doors need to be cleaned especially is they are glass doors that connect to the conference rooms, any smudge will ruin the image of the door. The team makes sure to clean the doors, and the light switches.
  • Another important service that janitors provide especially in event cleaning, is the refilling of basic necessities such as tissue paper or towels or liquid soaps in soap dispensers.
  • In college dorm rooms, the corridors have drinking fountains which the students use to either drink directly from or to fill their bottles. A lot of unclean hands and mouths touch the drinking fountains so it is important to clean and thoroughly sanitize drinking fountains every hour or so.
  • In event cleaning, there are mirrors placed in various places that add to its decoration but it is important to clean the mirrors otherwise the look of the décor is ruined.
  • During events, there are interior partition glasses that separates certain areas, these are also spot-cleaned by the janitors.
  • One of the most common janitorial services is dusting and mopping the hard-surface floors all around the area.
  • In offices and commercial building, during the afterhours, so our janitors do not disturb anyone’s work or invade the privacy of certain sectors, dusting of picture frames and stationery kept on the tables and hung on walls is done.
  • Cleaning of windows with damp cloth and chemicals that will get rid of dust and smudges.
  • Janitorial services also include dusting ceiling vents which is also important health-wise.


There is a long list of reasons why our clients love the services we provide. Some of the most captivating ones are listed below and we hope these will catch your attention and help you make the decision that we are your best choice when it comes to needing janitorial services.

  • We provide the team of janitors with specific tools and strong chemicals that are handled carefully by them and stored accordingly.
  • Our janitors have the years of experience that will ensure the best results.
  • You can choose how many members you would like depending on the area that needs to be taken care off and for how many days.
  • Instead of looking any further, you can look at the results we have our website, the before and after pictures and the reviews left by clients.
  • Our team of janitors have maintained the highest level of professionalism and will do their job thoroughly with no shortcuts.
  • We offer the cost-friendly prices and deals if you intend to make a long contract with us.
  • You can find us easily on our website and read the information listed out above to get a sense of what services we promise to deliver.
  • You can hire us for any of the following places, events, college dorm cleaning, offices or commercial areas as well as for businesses looking for cleaning services.

We hope and wish that you can place your faith in us by giving us the contract to clean the area that you require janitorial services for.

We promise not to disappoint you and your guess

Smart Cleaning Services offers the following Janitorial Services:

  • Empty wastebaskets
  • Spot-clean Hard-surface Floors
  • Empty and Damp-wipe Ash Trays
  • Vacuum Carpeted Floors
  • Dust Tops of Desks, Furniture, Counters
  • Sweep Immediate Exterior Entrances
  • Dust Telephones, Tops of Cabinets
  • Clean Restrooms
  • Spot-clean or Damp-wipe Desk Tops
  • Empty Trash and Waste Containers
  • Spot-clean Doors, Jams, Light Switches
  • Re-fill Dispensers (Paper, Soap, etc)
  • Clean and Sanitize Drinking Fountains
  • Clean Mirrors and Chrome
  • Clean and Sanitize Sinks
  • Clean and Sanitize Sinks and Fixtures
  • Damp-wipe Furniture in Eating Areas
  • Clean and Sanitize Toilets and Urinals
  • Clean Entrance Glass Dust Partitions and Furnishings
  • Spot-clean Interior Partition Glass
  • Spot-clean Partitions and Walls
  • Dust-mop Hard-surface Floors
  • Dust-mop and Damp-mop Floors
  • Dust Picture Frames, Ledges, Partitions and Doors
  • Dust Chair Legs, Furniture Bases and Window Ledgesv
  • Sanitize Telephones
  • Dust Ceiling Vents and Baseboards.