Post Construction Cleaning

Post Construction Cleaning

House cleaning after construction is not a light thing and that is why people generally look for new construction cleaning service providers. The constructors generally help you to construct your building but after that, it is your responsibility to look for the best way to clean construction dust and there are several companies out there that are providing new construction cleaning services.

Smart cleaning services provide you certified experts and professionals for house cleaning after construction and post-renovation cleaning services as well. The construction house cleaning generally involves three phases which are listed in this article along with post-renovation cleaning services as well.

1.Post-construction cleaning services

House cleaning after construction involves several services with most of the homeowners generally look for at an economical and reasonable price and that is why smart cleaning services provide call type of post-construction cleaning services including cleaning of carpet and other visible areas. Some of the most acknowledged and top prioritized post-construction cleaning services which are on offered by smart cleaning services are listed below:

  • Walls are generally cleaned from any kind of dirt and marks including power washing of not just windows but also the plastic and glass frames as well.
  • The complete process of testing and drawing, not just these hearings but also the fans, lights, and heaters are included in the list of post-construction cleaning services on offer by smart cleaning service providers.
  • Cleaning of floors from dirt and debris’ especially only visible areas including all the edges and corners are polished and cleaned along with complete vacuum cleaning and trim cleaning.
  • The complete cleaning and dusting of other home appliances are also included in the list of post-construction cleaning services which are on offer at a very economical and reasonable price buy smart cleaning services.
  • Proper addressing and disposal of trash along with safety issues are also dealt with with extreme care as the smart cleaning service providers have complete knowledge about their work.

2.Three phases of post-construction cleaning.

There are three main phases of post-construction cleaning which are generally prioritized and considered as the most important factors which every cleaning service provider should take care of.

2.1.Phase 01: Rough Clean

The 1st and most important phase is about the installation of all types of electric works including framing and plumbing and that is why it is considered as one of the most important steps. It also includes a basic type of rough cleaning which includes removal of dust and debris with the help of vacuuming, and it also includes cleaning of leftover material with generally includes windows and doors.

2.2.Phase 02: Light Clean

The second most important phase is all about cleaning lights and this phase is also considered to have its only important cause work frame in this phase requires lots of care and modern tools that is why smart cleaning service providers have the best possible modern tools to provide you this type of services. The light cleaning includes lights of not just the bedrooms and washrooms but also the other rooms as well and that is why clients generally look for professional services for light cleaning.

2.3.Phase 03: Final Clean

Final cleaning is all about touch up in the last phase and this generally is done after a few days of the second phase where most of the crew of cleaning service providers pay more attention towards the final clearing of dust and it requires lots of care and attention. Most people look to hire those professionals having complete knowledge about this work so that they can be saved from extra charges and have the best possible post-construction cleaning services.

3.Importance of hiring professional post cleaners

  • Safety is one of the most important factors which should always be prioritized and by hiring the professionals you need not worry about any kind of cleaning problems.
  • Professional and certified cleaners have the right equipment and skills so that you can get the best possible professional results.
  • The entire facility including all the edges will be completely cleaned.
  • The professionals of both cleaners have years of experience of providing professional cleaning services so that your house can get best possible attention and cleaned at the same time for healthy breeding and safe environment.

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